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Holy Week in Redfern

South Sydney Uniting Church has a Good Friday Service at 9am on Good Friday, combined with the people from Cafe Cana in Redfern. “Many people from different religious backgrounds are involved in Cana Communities, as well as those that have no religious connection. Whatever your personal beliefs, we hope you can share in our common values, and we welcome the contribution you can make to our community.”

Also on Good Friday, Compass (non-commercial ABC in Australia) presents “The Prophet of Redfern”:

A Portrait of Father Ted Kennedy, this maverick priest who passed away recently was regarded as a prophet in his inner city Sydney parish, particularly by Aboriginal people, and we appraise the ongoing legacy of his work.

Ted Kennedy may be gone, but his legacy truly is ongoing. See The Church Mouse for much more detail on this remarkable man in this remarkable place.

Last night’s Compass on “Who Wrote the Bible?” contained few surprises, but was a strong reminder of the tragedy fundamentalism, whether Jewish, Christian or Muslim, really is. I reread the key chapters on the Exodus in Exodus just recently, and Blind Freddy can see they are not in any obvious sense historical narratives, which is not to deny their value and significance; in fact it is probably the first step to rescuing that significance. A text without a context is a pretext, as the Reverend Cam Williamson of the Presbyterian Church of NSW used to say fifty years ago.

Given the abuse of archaeology among fundamentalists, a point clearly made in last night’s program, I refer you to The Bible and Interpretation for some responsible information. “The Website contains commentaries, editorials and articles from individuals representing the best scholarship available for the general public and student.”

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April 10, 2006 at 9:39 am

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