Happy Birthday to the Queen of Australia

22 Apr

While I don’t see her family holding that office for much longer, I still have a strong sentimental attachment to Elizabeth II. After all, I once won an award from this mob…

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…for this.

The Queen Elizabeth 11 Silver Jubilee Trust for Young Australians was established in 1977 with donations from the Federal and State Governments, corporations, organisations and the public to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth 11. The Queen’s Trust for Young Australians renders support and guidance to young Australians through the promotion of excellence, achievement, initiative, leadership and an awareness of those less fortunate.

There is a magic and a sense of continuity in the institution of the monarchy that still appeals to me despite all that has come and gone in the world, in my country, and in my life.

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So, Happy 80th Birthday, Elizabeth II. (That’s her website, you know.)

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4 responses to “Happy Birthday to the Queen of Australia

  1. marcelproust

    April 22, 2006 at 9:10 pm

    OK, I feel I have to blurt it out. I remember Richard Allen (is the James essential?).
    If poetry is written by people the way I remember him to have been, I just can’t really take it seriously. Perhaps it is the little beard (or was it a moustache?). Sorry about that, perhaps I have been unjust, but he was definitely a Poet with a capital “P” – not to mention, dancer, possibly swordsman of some sort and Performer in a number of genres. To my mind, we are talking a touch of X Trapnel and a dash of poetaster.

    There, it’s only 20 or more years, and I’ve finally got that off my chest! He may well have not had a good impression of me, either…

  2. Owner

    April 22, 2006 at 10:25 pm

    You went to Grammar?

  3. Owner

    April 22, 2006 at 11:03 pm

    Seriously, at that time Richard was a very good editor of other people’s work, was really diligent in promoting the venture — in fact applying for the Eliz II award was his idea — and he was also much more up with recent developments in theory and philosophy than I was at the time. He was doing a History Honours degree when he joined Neos. He also did become a rather good dancer. Later, at the time Rob committed suicide, some years after Neos was over, he showed himself to be a very perceptive friend. But yes, I can see what might have caused your reaction. And he did write a number of good poems; you may note that it is the less “spectacular” ones though that I have chosen to put on that Neos page. All of which is a bit off topic on the Queen’s 80th, but it is related after all to the reason for that Elizabeth II Award mentioned here.

  4. marcelproust

    April 23, 2006 at 1:47 pm

    No, knew him among the ex-SGS artsy set at Usyd. Look, I’m sure there’s another side to the story, but you can see I was nursing something – more a chip (to mix metaphors/idioms) than a grudge, I think. I feel much better now!

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