I have been busy

01 May

My new Saturday coachee, S, is very good. He wrote an essay for me a week ago on the Year 12 Area Study “Imaginative Journeys”. I had made life hard for him by requiring that he wrote it as a feature article “for inclusion in a student magazine”. He did a pretty good job, but I promised to show him how he could move it even further into the required text type.

Check it out. There are two pages: his first draft, and my suggested revision. Perhaps you would like to give us a mark.

And speaking of coachees, I just heard from Ben (2005 HSC): “You may be interested to know that I did my first incision and suture on a cadaver on Friday, as well as various injections (on the cadaver of course).” Comment seems unnecessary really.

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One response to “I have been busy

  1. ben

    May 6, 2006 at 12:08 pm

    haha. its just that the first suture is meant to be a milestone in one’s medical education, thats all =). will keep checking back your blog for updates. all the best.

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