The Beaconsfield miners

01 May

Everyone in Australia seems to be drawn to this story. “Two goldminers who have been found alive in a Beaconsfield mine may have to wait 48 hours before they emerge from a kilometre underground. Todd Russell, 34 and Brant Webb, 37, have been trapped a kilometre underground for five days at Beaconsfield Gold Mine, near Launceston.” Not least Mister Rabbit.

I’m usually pretty cynical as you know; and one of these guys looks as if he could crush you between his palm and his forehead — but I’m still happy to read that they’ve found those two miners alive.

Shame about his previous entry though; it just makes me sad when he does that, as I don’t see what he gains from it. The gratuitous racial language simply detracts from what could be a worthwhile critique. There have been a couple of apposite comments made there already, but not by me. I’m leaving it alone, after last year’s debacle when anger got the better of me.

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