Baghdad Burning’s must-read entry

04 May

Read Riverbend for Tuesday, May 02, 2006.

…It was around 9 pm on the 11th of April [2003] when we finally saw the footage of Saddam’s statue being pulled down by American troops — the American flag plastered on his face. We watched, stunned, as Baghdad was looted and burned by hordes of men, being watched and saluted by American soldiers in tanks…

We immediately began hearing about the Iranian revolutionary guard, and how they had formed a militia of Iraqis who had defected to Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. We heard how they were already inside of the country and were helping to loot and burn everything from governmental facilities to museums. The Hakims and Badr made their debut, followed by several other clerics with their personal guard and militias, all seeping in from Iran.

Today they rule the country. Over the duration of three years, and through the use of vicious militias, assassinations and abductions, they’ve managed to install themselves firmly in the Green Zone. We constantly hear our new puppets rant and rave against Syria, against Saudi Arabia, against Turkey, even against the country they have to thank for their rise to power — America… But no one dares to talk about the role Iran is planning in the country…

So while Iraqis are dying by the hundreds, with corpses turning up everywhere (last week they found a dead man in the open area in front of my cousin’s daughters school), the Iraqi puppets are taking their time trying to decide who gets to do the most stealing and in which ministry. Embezzlement, after all, is not to be taken lightly– one must give it the proper amount of thought and debate– even if the country is coming unhinged…

The big question is — what will the US do about Iran? There are the hints of the possibility of bombings, etc. While I hate the Iranian government, the people don’t deserve the chaos and damage of air strikes and war. I don’t really worry about that though, because if you live in Iraq — you know America’s hands are tied. Just as soon as Washington makes a move against Tehran, American troops inside Iraq will come under attack. It’s that simple — Washington has big guns and planes… But Iran has 150,000 American hostages.

Convincing, or not? Go and read the whole of it before you decide.

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One response to “Baghdad Burning’s must-read entry

  1. Confused

    May 4, 2006 at 12:05 pm

    That’s a very good point there,

    The biggest beneficiary of Iraq war is Iran. It hated Saddam Hussain and it got rid of him without having to shed one drop of Irani blood.

    I think the Iranians outsmarted the Americans there.

    I wonder, did American planners understood the Shia affinity for Iran?

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