Famous ex-Miners

04 May

I found this in the Letters to the Editor in The OBU Bulletin [November 1998]:

Dear Editor,

How on earth did Nye Perram (86) become a QUIET ACHIEVER!!! NYE!!! I can’t believe it. Is this some new definition of quiet that I didn’t know about??? Tsk!

Evan Ruth (86)

I remember the Class of 1986 vividly: they were a great bunch, and my first HSC year at The Mine. Many a story I could tell…

I have seen both gentlemen in much more recent times: this century, anyway. Evan has been doing good things with UNHCR: in 2003 he was head of the UNHCR’s refugee eligibility unit in Kuala Lumpur. Nye, I hear on this morning’s news, is one of the Unions NSW legal team in the States’ High Court challenge to John Howard’s IR Laws. This case has major constitutional implications.

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One response to “Famous ex-Miners

  1. The Poet by email

    May 4, 2006 at 7:20 pm

    Perram was a good ‘un, as they say. He went straight to the bar, boots and all. He might also have done associate’s work for a HC judge, though I wouldn’t swear to that. He will emerge as one of the bar’s top operators, sooner rather than later. In time he could be anything.

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