Sydney Opera House freebie

07 May

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingThanks to Simon H, I saw The Hanging Man — that’s the Improbable Company’s site — in the Sydney Opera House Drama Theatre this afternoon.

There’s the framework of a cathedral. Just the skeleton really. In amongst the beams, ropes and pillars move the actors. All the same but not the same. Medieval and modern.

Soon they get to telling the story. The same one they always tell. The story of THE HANGING MAN.

They don’t know all of it. Some bits they make up to make it sound better than it was. Some bits they are not sure about but they believe them to be true sometimes things might get just a bit personal.

Improbable return with a bitter-sweet-bitter tale of an architect, a half finished building and a man getting to know Death.

This UK production was a brilliant stage spectacle, but when I rudely said afterwards that Japanese tourists knowing very little English would have got as much from it as I did, I was only partly joking…

As I said, theatrical. Very. And that is not a condemnation. But a bit pomo for me. Or was it? As the British Council site says, it is “part medieval morality play.”

See this review on Culture Wars. Would it grow on me if I saw it again? Probably.

It was good to see Simon’s sister after so long: scary that she has a child in Year 12.

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  1. Owner

    May 9, 2006 at 2:06 pm

    See The Sydney Morning Herald review and The SydneyStar Observer: “The Hanging Man was premiered by the theatre troupe Improbable in early 2003 in England and has since toured the world. The man in the play will finally get his wish – the quest for death – when the show finishes for good at the end of its upcoming Sydney season.

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