The Poet keeps me up to speed and Kashmiri Nomad shows me the dustbin.

10 May

Some good sites from The Poet.

The US’s Geopolitical Nightmare by F. William Engdahl of the Asia Times on Truthout is a good overview. “The creation by Bush and Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and company of a geopolitical nightmare is also the backdrop to comprehend the dramatic political shift within the US establishment in the past six months, away from the Bush presidency.” It is all really confirmation of the accuracy of Michael Klare’s analysis in Blood and Oil.

Ice-Capped Roof of World Turns to Desert by Geoffrey Lean of The Independent (UK) is a reminder of what the world would be far better off concerning itself with. It is also on Truthout, which you may find in my “Current Affairs” links. It is one of a host of great sites over there.

Speaking of my links, one of my blogrollees (is that a new word?) has posted something very forthright: see Islam And Reformation by Kashmiri Nomad. He has in fact put his finger right on the core of the boil, but I am going to think very carefully before I reply. But I will reply. I should add, though, that while I clearly would not agree with him I do concede that one can hold such views and still not be a threat to others. His blog, I think, is a fine demonstration of that.

I will foreshadow my reply by saying that “Western tradition for the most part has placed religion into the dustbin of history” is actually true, and is a good thing: but it depends what has been consigned to the dustbin and why it has been, and what hasn’t been so consigned. Again, under “faith and philosophy” on the right of this page you will discover sites that explain why the dustbin really is the proper place for certain ideas, but not others. For example, see Radical Faith.

Let’s just say too that I can see how believing Muslims may well have a problem with this.

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One response to “The Poet keeps me up to speed and Kashmiri Nomad shows me the dustbin.

  1. Kashmiri Nomad

    May 11, 2006 at 4:46 am

    As I have said in my post I think that for the West religion has been left in the dustbin of history. The reason for writing the post was one and only one: To explain to a non-Muslim audience the depth of feeling and connection that most Muslims have with their faith. Also that Islam does not have a tradition of reformation as Judeo-Christianity does.

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