High profile lawyer John Marsden dies

18 May

I met the man, as you know, and The Rabbit knew him even better. I certainly knew he had been very ill. He was a forceful and most memorable character.

See this tribute in The Star Observer. See my own account of my last sighting of him, on TV, here.

His courage under all sorts of adverse circumstances really can’t be denied.

As John himself pointed out to me once, I also taught his nephew, though I hadn’t known that at the time. My sympathies to Rowan and all John’s family and friends.

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One response to “High profile lawyer John Marsden dies

  1. Owner

    May 18, 2006 at 7:04 pm

    Visit Mister Rabbit for a story he has been sitting on for a long time. A boring old fart, who may indeed not be unlike myself, comments: “It stands up well :-)” And it does.

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