Lawyer Marsden: Paul Sheehan’s vitriol

22 May

I would not doubt that the late lawyer John Marsden, who is not even buried yet, was a wild man who often sailed in murky waters, but I was simply appalled by Paul Sheehan’s character assassination of Marsden in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, the tone of which you may gather from this short extract which tells you more about Sheehan than it does about his target.

…whenever things got hot for Marsden, he and his supporters in the lavender mafia [sic] would raise the cry of homophobia, a cynical debasement of gay rights…

Of all the lawyers who should shut up about bringing “disgrace to our profession” it was Marsden. Given the sanitising, laudatory comments made in recent days by the Premier, Morris Iemma, the president of the NSW Law Society, June McPhie, and the head of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties, Cameron Murphy, portraying Marsden as a civic hero, let the record show that Marsden was a serial liar, a proven perjurer, a flagrant illegal drug-user and drug provider, a professional who had sex with his own clients, a wealthy man who boasted about sodomising young men he picked up on the streets, a standover man who was vexatious and constantly at war, a bully who used the law as a weapon…

I have in the past, on the strength of his tendentious Among the Barbarians, called Sheehan the “thinking person’s Pauline Hanson.” I now apologise to Pauline, and suggest Sheehan is not even the “thinking person’s” Paul Sheehan.

Today’s article is simply one of the most vile I have ever read, even from Sheehan, and I am not suggesting Marsden was a candidate for sainthood by any means.

Paul, have another glass of magic water. And take several deep breaths… (See also Paul Sheehan and the magic water debacle on Nick Possum’s site.)

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12 responses to “Lawyer Marsden: Paul Sheehan’s vitriol

  1. Nick Possum

    May 30, 2006 at 9:31 pm

    Thanks for the link and the kind comments!

    In re Paul Sheehan you might see also Gavin Gatenby’s piece:

    Oh, and his book was called “AMONG the Barbarians”

    There’s much more on Sheehan on my site. Try the site search engine.

    I like your blog. nice design. What do you do for a crust, BTW?


  2. ninglun

    May 30, 2006 at 9:46 pm

    Corrected that title. Thanks. As for what I do, see A CV — of sorts.

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