Why John Howard Is Wrong: Discrimination

30 May

I thought of saying something on this, but others have done so already.

Gay Erasmus fills in the context for us:

# New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma has opposed children’s books that feature same-sex parents. He declared, “I do not personally believe it appropriate for two-year-olds to be dragged into the gay rights debate.” More proof, alas, that our politicians can’t abide our relationships and families, viewing them as fodder for rhetorical manipulation instead of examples of love, altruism, and care.

# Federal Education Minister Julie Bishop has weighed into the debate, arguing, “I wouldn’t want to see any perverse biases put into early childhood development that could affect children one way or the other.” Um, which way is she referring to here?

# Russia’s inaugural gay pride rally ends in a series of violent arrests. A new generation of 78ers is born.

He goes on to discuss John Howard’s oft-repeated position, referring to an article in The Sydney Star Observer. He concludes, and I agree:

Discrimination isn’t a matter of numbers or of priority; it isn’t a matter of how many victims you have, but rather of how you treat those victims. By seeking legal recognition for our relationships, we are finally saying that we refuse to remain victims. We are saying that we should be recognized for who we are and not for what society tells us to be.

Though I am not all that fussed about it necessarily being called “marriage”.

On the great kiddy book saga, in a Marrickville preschool where the majority of parents don’t see a problem, Education Minister Julie Bishop, as distinct from Bronwyn Should Wear a Head Scarf Bishop, has weighed in mightily, as has Premier Iemma and Federal Health Minister Tony “snivelling grub” Abbott. See norrie on this one.

The homophobes are voting big here [on NineMSN and the “Herald” poll]. Please think of the children. No, really, the kids of lesbian mums, the kids who may have a gay or bi dad, the kids who may be a little non-gender-normative themselves. Please show support for children’s education being inclusive and teaching inclusion and not allowing anyone to be belittled for being different.

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