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03 Jun

That’s how Brian Cloughley described himself in a comment on this blog not long ago.

The Poet has just drawn my attention to his latest article: Haditha and the Farrago of Lies: War Crimes Start at the Top..

The American armed forces have descended to new and horrible depths of dishonesty. The instant automatic response to an accusation of evil-doing by its members is strong denial. There is no consideration given to saying something honest like “We don’t know what happened and we’ll have a good look at it.” The plain fact is that nobody can trust the US military to tell the truth, ever again, until there is eradication of the culture of deceit. There has to be a cleansing of the stables, a weeding-out of those who are devoted to the ethos of killing for the sake of killing and lying for the sake of lying…

Of course there are many in the US Army and Marines who behave honorably, and they are probably in the majority. (And let it be placed on record that the US Marine medics in earthquake-devastated Kashmir were efficient and enormously popular. I’ve just returned from a visit to Pakistan and was greatly impressed by tales of their dedication.) But please reflect on this military truth: When uniformed people, supposedly under military discipline, behave like berserk demons from hell, killing the innocent and torturing at will, the final responsibility lies AT THE TOP…

Meanwhile, there is a poll saying Bush is so on the nose with US voters that it’s a wonder he is still in the White House.

Americans believe George Bush is the worst president since 1945, while Ronald Reagan was the best, according to a Quinnipiac University telephone poll of 1,500 registered voters nationwide released yesterday.

Of those surveyed, 34% ranked Mr Bush as the worst, 17% said Richard Nixon and 16% picked Mr Clinton. The poll found that 58% of voters disapprove of the job Mr Bush is doing. Reagan was ranked as the best president since 1945 by 28% of those surveyed, while 25% thought Mr Clinton was the best, although 40% of voters aged 18-29 ranked him at the top.

While Bush and Blair languish, John Howard still cruises.


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One response to “Strong stuff from the grumpy old man from Burgundy

  1. Shawn

    June 3, 2006 at 11:05 am

    John Howard cruises because Australia has not taken a prominent role in the Iraq war. They have committed troops, but a far lesser number than the U.S. and the U.K. Because of that, they’ve been able to stay out of the news and limit casualties. Aso, Howard does not beat his chest like Bush and Blair. He does not come out and say “Bring it On” like Bush.

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