You are a distinguished lot, all of you :-)

03 Jun

That is, all who come here 🙂

But I’ve been waiting for permission to tell you this, and now it has arrived:

Feel free to publish part/all of my letter — the bio’s in the back of the novel in any case.

I was pleased to get an email overnight from Adrian d’Hage, author of The Omega Scroll (2005), which is, my friend Ken W tells me, much better than The Da Vinci Code.

Adrian d’Hage was born in Sydney and educated at North Sydney Boys High and the Royal Military College Duntroon (Applied Science). He graduated into the Intelligence Corps in 1967, and was later transferred to Infantry and served in Vietnam as a platoon commander, where he was awarded the Military Cross. His service in the Australian Army included command of an infantry battalion and Director of Joint Operations for Defence. In 1990 he was promoted to Brigadier as Head of Defence Public Relations.

In 1994 Adrian was made a Member of the Order of Australia for services to communications. His last appointment was Head of Defence Planning for security of the Sydney 2000 Olympics, including defence against chemical, biological and nuclear threats.

He wrote:

For no particular reason (other than your website “New Lines from a Floating Life” popped up as a result of a google alert that I keep on various parts of the world) I feel prompted to contact you, as we may have much in common.

I’m ex-Army (what have we in common?? I hear him ask!) and now an author. I was impressed with your reading list, politics, interest in religion, and a raft of other things besides. My first novel (“The Omega Scroll” published by Penguin) is about a Dead Sea Scroll that contains a terrible warning about a coming clash between Islam and Christianity — although I didn’t realise that Bush et al would have managed to turn the world quite so pear-shaped when I was writing it…

If you think it might be worth kicking things around over a glass of red, we should do that. If not, then I have responded to the Cosmos’ niggling to email you, and we’ll leave it at that…

Naturally I said yes to that offer.

See also Brig. Adrian D’Hage – veteran against war in Iraq.

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