Passing parade

04 Jun

So John Marsden’s long-prepared funeral happened on Saturday. It looked rather impressive on the news last night, I must say.

At Marsden’s funeral, Justice Kirby delivered an emotion-charged eulogy to the controversial life of the former Law Society president and self-declared “pot-smoking poofter”.

“John Marsden’s example made me, and countless others, confront directly the false shame,” Justice Kirby told the congregation at St John’s Catholic Church in Campbelltown.

“Up to the 1970s and 1980s, indeed for millennia, most of us lived by the rule: ‘Don’t ask. Don’t tell.’ I did so myself. He fought for me and for Johan [van Vloten] my partner of 37 years. So we are here today with countless others to say our thanks.”

The expectation surrounding Justice Kirby’s comments was heightened by a newspaper claim yesterday that a NSW judge had found Marsden sexually abused an eight-year-old boy when he was a teacher in the 1960s.

But in a tense speech to mourners, Marsden’s solicitor brother Jim Marsden described the report as “a scurrilous lie that should be flushed down the toilet”.

And in news that may thrill The Rabbit, Holsworthy may go nuclear.. We are having a “debate” on nuclear energy in Australia, a foregone conclusion I’d say.

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