Read Queer Penguin on the latest bit of government gay bashing…

08 Jun

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingHe says it much better than I would, and really says it all. See What More Can be Said?

There is an upbeat article by Craig Scutt in the latest Big Issue (No. 255), written before The Cadaver (pic on right) performed his latest feat of progressive thinking by scuttling the ACT’s civil union law. Of the Cadaver’s puppet master Craig Scutt writes:

At a time when there are openly gay politicians in Parliament and TV has made it cool to be camp, Australian society seems more gay-friendly than ever. So why hasn’t anybody informed the Prime Minister? During question time at a Dublin university recently, John Howard was challenged to defend a charge of reinforcing homophobia in Australia. Far from denying the suggestion, the PM responded by questioning the value of equality itself. “I think it’s a form of minority fundamentalism to say that you have to, in every aspect of one’s institutions and one’s arrangements in society, have technical equivalence,” he said, before going on to claim that financial discrimination against same-sex couples in Australia had been remedied.

The article goes on to point out that the PM is wrong on all counts in what he said on that occasion.

Were there ever less liberal Liberals than the crew we have in charge right now? No wonder Queer Penguin was initially too angry to say anything…

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One response to “Read Queer Penguin on the latest bit of government gay bashing…

  1. Update by Owner

    June 8, 2006 at 11:15 am

    Just saw this on the Herald site: Liberal may oppose government over gay row.

    A Liberal Senator is considering voting against the federal government’s move to overturn the ACT’s laws allowing same-sex unions.

    The Australian Democrats and the Greens have already said they would fight the government’s plan to use its powers to quash the civil unions legislation, with Labor likely to follow suit.

    ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries, a former territory chief minister, today said the ACT had every right to press ahead with the laws and he was considering crossing the floor to oppose the Howard government…

    The federal government argues that the ACT laws undermine the Marriage Act, but the territory has accused the commonwealth of discrimination and plans to defy the Howard government.

    Senator Humphries has met with Prime Minister John Howard and Attorney-General Philip Ruddock to discuss the issue but has not been convinced by their arguments.

    “I want to be very clear – the ACT parliament does have the power to legislate for relationships other than marriage, and if they exercise that power and that power alone, they should be allowed to do that regardless of whether other people or individual politicians happen to agree with the way that they do that,” he said.

    The federal government’s legal and constitutional committee, of which Senator Humphries is a member, was not consulted before cabinet decided to oppose the ACT laws this week.

    Senator Humphries was unimpressed by the lack of consultation…

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