The Shakespeare Miscellany by David and Ben Crystal

12 Jun

This book is so good!

This compilation, in the tradition of the Victorian miscellany, gathers together essential facts and fascinating insights into the plays and poems, the man behind them (insofar as this is known), and the context in which he worked. Put together by an actor and a linguist – the pair who brought you ‘Shakespeare’s Words’ (25000 copies sold to date) – it is a quirky, illuminating and endlessly interesting. Topics covered include lost plays, what he would have studied at school, Shakespeare’s pronunciation, why the Globe burned down and the difference between a Folio and a Quarto.

Who speaks more in Othello — Iago or Othello? How many lines does Cordelia have in King Lear? Exactly what significance did the words “thou” and “you” have in Shakespeare’s English? What famous actor said that Touchstone in As You Like It is almost impossible to play?

How did I ever live without The Shakespeare Miscellany? The site is far more than a promotions package, thanks to its associated links.

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One response to “The Shakespeare Miscellany by David and Ben Crystal

  1. Katie Kaczmarek

    June 13, 2006 at 3:19 am

    Hi! I stumbled across your site somehow and I’m very impressed. As an English major from Bryn Mawr College in the US now pursuing a masters and licensure in English Secondary Education, this site has enough material to keep me reading and thinking for years to come.
    I was also friends with the Shakespeare Performance Troupe, all of whom would probably love this book.

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