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06 Jul

I won’t give his name yet, save to say he went to The Mine (class of 1990).

…I have never been a big traditionalist but lately I’ve appreciated my education more than ever…

I’m now teaching English… I live in Indonesia, I’m married to a native Indonesian, and I’m a certified Muslim.

My credentials are: a Sydney High education, a love of twilight at the beach, time living in Surry Hills and Redfern, some Uni studies, a few years as a taxi driver, and a few years in banking.

If you have any questions about islam, I’d love to discuss it. The Jakarta Post publishes editorials on Islamic issues every day – Abu Bakr, Palestine, Indonesia, Sharia, thuggery, etc. It’s a great mag if you like talking politics. I’ve almost finished reading the Quran. Unfortunately, the advice it offers is not always reflected in the practice of Islam seen today so often.

Furthermore, many Indonesian and Malaysian Muslims don’t even know what they’re saying when they pray in Arabic. I wonder what you think about that.

Anyway, if you want to share opinions and ideas about religion, world peace, education, or diet, I would be interested. I’m not afraid of any points of view.

Peace be with you.

I hope this becomes a beneficial link for all of us.

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