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12 Jul

I rarely suffer from that grumpy old men’s complaint, insomnia, but last night I did, perhaps as a result of sitting up too late writing yesterday’s rant about Quadrant, which I have edited a little for style this morning.

One of the benefits of insomnia, though, is I get to hear more Radio National than I would otherwise. RN repeats its best programs late at night and into the wee hours.

Last night there was an excellent Australia Talks Back on Divided Churches, to which you may listen also by going to that site. I was really impressed by the woman from the Anglican Church in New Zealand. “Anglicans have been grappling for years with the role of women and gays in the church. It’s brought them to the brink of division. Now the role of gay clergy is threatening to divide the Uniting Church as well. Given the enormous social changes of recent decades, why are such matters still unresolved – and what role should women and gay men play in a modern church?”

Background Briefing was fascinating on the latest manifestation of rampant capitalism, the airport industry, in which our very own Macquarie Bank is a significant international player. Read the transcript: Growth of the Aerotropolis.

Those are the two programs I heard before finally going to sleep. Needless to say, I did not get up today until after 9 am.

This week the Book Reading is Nicholas Jose’s Original Face. Go there to see what I (and Marcel) thought of the book last year.

Overseas readers, MyScribbles comes to mind, can get all sorts of goodies from Radio National via streaming radio or podcast. I commend it to you.

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