Rebel clerics split over gay clergy — Herald

14 Jul

CONSERVATIVES in the Uniting Church have precipitated an internal split by moving to form their own assembly, comprised of members who oppose to [sic] the appointment of practising homosexuals as ordained ministers.

Evangelical leaders are angry because the church’s 11th national assembly decided this week not to overturn a 2003 ruling that gave regional presbyteries the right to appoint homosexuals to the ministry.

They have resolved to form an assembly of confessing congregations within the Uniting Church, a proposal which falls short of threats to quit the church but which places them on a collision course with the church leadership.

Under an agreed charter, those congregations bound by common orthodox doctrine, ethics, theology, worship and mission would create their own state and national bodies and hand-pick their own ministers…

What they mean is they mounted a takeover and failed. Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

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