Gulliver’s Travels on bombs — whoever uses them…

17 Jul

I noted Swift’s still timely satire just on a year ago: Islamic leaders must denounce extremists: Howard – National – Howard should denounce ALL extremists too, surely. WE have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another. — Jonathan Swift.

The King was struck with Horror at the Description I had given of those terrible Engines, and the Proposal I had made. He was amazed how so impotent and grovelling an Insect as I (these were his Expressions) could entertain such inhuman Ideas, and in so Familiar a Manner as to appear wholly unmoved at all the Scenes of Blood and Desolation, which I had painted as the common Effects of those destructive Machines, whereof he said some evil Genius, Enemy to Mankind, must have been the first Contriver. As for himself, he protested that although few Things delighted him so much as new Discoveries in Art or in Nature, yet he would rather lose half his Kingdom than be privy to such a Secret, which he commanded me, as I valued my Life, never to mention any more…

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