The Uniting Church and its decision not to decide…

17 Jul

That is the position of the Uniting Church in Australia, as you may see in its own News about the Uniting Church’s 11th Assembly. The conservatives are not pleased with this, as they wanted their position on sexuality to become, well, mandatory.

For a bit of history here, consider two documents.

1) From Assemby ’97: Grace of God overwhelms — a report on Dorothy McRae-McMahon, together with her 1998 address to the Third Biennial Conference of the Uniting Network, Re-imagining Love: Embracing Our Strength.

2) Statement from Gordon Moyes, Wesley Mission, Sunday, 13th April, 1997. Incidentally, I do commend the site that appears on: John Mark Ministries is not a mindless fundamentalist outfit at all; rather it seeks “thoughtful people in or out of the church, who want to think more maturely/critically about the Christian faith.”

I will leave you to decide which of these two “exhibits” better reflects your own conception of authentic Christianity. I know where I stand.

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  1. Owner: see Eureka Street

    July 17, 2006 at 12:53 pm

    For an interesting article on the parallel dilemmas of the Anglican churches, see The Anglican division: God’s love lost? in Eureka Street, the Australian Jesuit magazine — which is now only online. (I miss the old print edition, but the website is good too. — Owner.)

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