Quintin Jardine’s knowing mayhem

18 Jul

It is a relief to turn to a really witty writer of somewhat comic, but still thrilling, thrillers. I have just made been introduced, courtesy of Surry Hills Library, to the work of Quintin Jardine. Specifically, I have read For the Death of Me (2005), and recommend the experience to all of you, even if Jenny Davidson commenting on Scotland – Crime Fact and Crime Fiction finds “Quintin Jardine’s novels … almost unreadable, I’m afraid to say.” For the first page of two I wondered if I too might say that, but once I realised what was going on I just enjoyed the trip. Cheeky and pomo of Jardine to have Oz Blackstone, the A-league movie actor/PI in For the Death of Me, on several occasions referring to Jardine’s other series (featuring one Bob Skinner), even having Oz starring in films of some of them and visiting an apparently real bookshop and discussing them… Cross-promotion? The cover note says Jardine used to be a spin doctor.

And speaking of blurring fiction and reality, even as I was writing this I received a comment from Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca. See Rick’s Cafe Casablanca.

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