My Aboriginal nephew is in Sydney

19 Jul

BungareeI had a mobile call from him last night and am hoping I may catch up with him tomorrow, though he is very busy. He’s in Sydney for the Inaugural First Nations Economic Opportunities Conference, which is quite a big thing, as you will see on that site.

Normally he lives in Queensland. He runs an eco-tourism business on Magnetic Island. And yes, he really is “an Aboriginal Botanist and a direct descendant of King Bungaree, (King of Sydney).”

I have told that story before. It is through his mother that descent comes; his father (my brother) and I also have Aboriginal descent, but nothing to do with Bungaree. See My Ancestry. Of course the Aborigines didn’t have kings; the title was a European imposition, though he apparently enjoyed it in a way. It is a sad tale, really. That’s him on the right. My convict ancestor Jacob would almost certainly have seen him in the later 1820s; he lived a lot longer than poor Bungaree, who died in 1830.

Nice to know some of my ancestors were here 30,000 years ago. Makes literal biblical interpretation a tad nonsensical though, doesn’t it? That’s quite a few generations before Abraham, let alone that quaint old idea about the provenance of Adam: 4004 BC or whatever it was…

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