Great Green Way Eco Tours and Fire Stick Tours: Magnetic Island

20 Jul

And why not promote my nephew’s business?

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Photo from Douglas Bowman.

Looks good, doesn’t it?

Yes, as mentioned yesterday, I was able to get together with Warren and Leonie this afternoon at the Sydney Hilton. The big conference is now over, and they return to Queensland very early tomorrow morning.

Doubly nice, as today is my late mother’s (Warren’s grandmother’s) birthday, not that I mentioned this fact. It’s ten years since she died too, as of last March.


Here we had a conference that took over two floors of the Sydney Hilton, went on for three days, and had visitors from South Africa, Canada, and other places, as well as from all over Australia. Minister Mal Brough was there, and the Governor-General opened it. But did it rate a mention in the news? Of course not. The media prefer bad news stories about Aboriginal Australia. Only one mention on Google News, and that a picture on BBC!

I find this disgusting, frankly.

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