For God and Country — a good read

26 Jul

Elizabeth Rich writes in Killing the Buddha as a Jew visiting Jesusland on the Fourth of July, and wondering where she belongs.

Live music fills the chapel. The Praise Band leads the call to worship and the Praise Team leads the worship in song. Above the organist, a large white-rimmed screen slides down to project hymn lyrics. The congregation is on their feet, swaying to the music and singing with the choir. When the hymns are over, the music minister motions for everyone to be seated. He then steps up to the wooden lectern, taking a moment to look out and smile.

“Freedom,” he says, “is at a price, and our men and women are fighting the terrorists so that we can be here today.” The woman with the gold bracelet pulls a Kleenex from her purse and dabs the corners of her eyes. The organ, the piano, the Praise Band and the Praise Team are silent.

Quality writing.

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One response to “For God and Country — a good read

  1. Daniel

    July 26, 2006 at 11:09 am

    He should have said, “Our men are fighting the terrorists so that the rich can get richer and the right-wing powerbrokers can become even more powerful.”

    1984 is becoming a reality.

    P.S. Do you ever visit or comment on other sites, ninglun?

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