From The Poet: How We Miss Yitzhak Rabin

31 Jul

The Poet has drawn my attention to this editorial on BuzzFlash.

When Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated in 1995, we felt a profound loss and a sense of horrible foreboding.

He was killed by a right wing Israeli — not an Arab, not a Palestinian, not an Iranian, not a Syrian. He was killed by a fanatical, radical Israeli who saw the democratically elected Prime Minister of Israel as a proponent of the Oslo accords and as an enemy of the settler movement.

We support Israel’s full right to be a nation-state and live without suicide attacks and rockets launched by Hezbollah. The editor of BuzzFlash, who is Jewish, has relatives and friends in Israel. We wish them, as would anyone, long and safe lives for them and their children. Many of them are quite dear to us.

But we cannot support, condone, or do anything but fully condemn the loss of life in Qana, Lebanon, where the majority of more than 50 people killed by Israeli air strikes were children.

Rabin was shot and killed by a right wing Israeli after he sang a song of peace in a packed rally in front of the Tel Aviv government center.

That was a long time and so many hopes of peace dashed ago.

Israel has real security problems; that has always been clear.

But, like Bush in Iraq, you can become the terror you behold if you lose your sense of decency, humanity, and compassion…

Heart-felt and I would say profoundly true.

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One response to “From The Poet: How We Miss Yitzhak Rabin

  1. Go to Baghdad Burning

    July 31, 2006 at 9:36 am

    I’m so frustrated I can’t think straight. I’m full of rage against Israel, the US, Britain, Iran and most of Europe. The world is going to go to hell for standing by and allowing the massacre of innocents. For God’s sake, 34 children??? The UN is beyond useless. They’ve gone from a union of nations working for the good of the world (if they ever were even that), to a bunch of gravediggers. They’re only good for digging mangled bodies out of the ruins of buildings and helping to identify and put them into mass graves. They won’t stop a massacre- they won’t even speak out against it- they’ll just come by and help clean up the mess. Are the lives of Arabs worth so little? If this had happened in the US or UK or France or China, somebody would already have dropped a nuclear bomb… How is this happening?

    See Baghdad Burning, Girl Blog from Baghdad.

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