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01 Aug

Deservedly so too. See Eteraz.

Another newsflash that the Bush Administration never got was that the Palestinians have really had absolutely no role in this war other than shutting down their stores in solidarity with the Gaza and Lebanese people and holding protests. The Israeli government has openly admitted that their invasion into Gaza was not related to the kidnapping of the Israeli soldier. It was something that they have been wanting and planning on doing for months on end now. But even if we were to play devil’s advocate and imagine that the invasion into Gaza was directly related to the kidnapping, I’ve completely lost count of the death toll just in Gaza (not including Nablus or any other region in the West Bank), but it is definitely over 200 Palestinians. And if that is not enough, in one night alone, over 150 Palestinians in Nablus were “kidnapped” by Israeli soldiers and they are yet to be released. Because of the number of these detainees, the Israeli soldiers have taken over schools in Nablus to hold these Palestinians. This death-toll also doesn’t include the countless homes, farms, and livelihoods that have been destroyed by Israeli tanks and bulldozers. I still can’t quite comprehend the justice or the equity of the Israeli reaction to the kidnapping. When the kidnapping and killing first happened, I was talking to my colleagues at work. They all agreed, including my friend ____ whose entire family still lives in Gaza, that the kidnapping is worth the price that the Gaza citizens have paid. “It is like someone opened up the air channels in our body and we have finally been able to breath,” they kept saying…

Four days ago, I called my friend to check up on him and found out that his uncle had just been killed. His uncle had a heart attack and the ambulance was trying to take him to the hospital but the Israelis had set up a checkpoint on the road and wouldn’t let the ambulance go through. So his uncle died in the ambulance just like so many Palestinians have died over the years.

Like a rock that is thrown into a pond, the place that the rock falls is considered ground zero where all the direct blows are taking place. The rock is the towns in Lebanon and Gaza where hundreds and thousands have been killed and injured. Then there are the ripples of the rock
and those ripples have extended into the lives of nearly every single person in the OPT, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan , and beyond. I was recently told that in Syria, almost all the schools have turned into refugee centers for the 600,000 some Lebanese refugees. Schools in Syria won’t start in September this year since it’ll take longer to find housing for the hundreds of thousands of refugees…

Compare from an Israeli perspective Gideon Levy, “Days of Darkness”.

In war as in war: Israel is sinking into a strident, nationalistic atmosphere and darkness is beginning to cover everything. The brakes we still had are eroding, the insensitivity and blindness that characterized Israeli society in recent years is intensifying. The home front is cut in half: the north suffers and the center is serene. But both have been taken over by tones of jingoism, ruthlessness and vengeance, and the voices of extremism that previously characterized the camp’s margins are now expressing its heart. The left has once again lost its way, wrapped in silence or “admitting mistakes”. Israel is exposing a unified, nationalistic face…

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