Australia is still a free country…

02 Aug

…but is becoming less free by the day.

Consider the latest intervention by Dickensian Bad Guy Philip “Cadaver” Ruddock whose attitude to dissent is becoming more and more fascist. No other word is adequate.

NO FEDERAL Government money is going to this year’s conference of National Community Legal Centres because the Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock, does not like the tone of the program.

His office told conference organisers late last week it was “inappropriate for Australian Government funds to be directed to the support of campaigns against legislation enacted by the Parliament of Australia”.

Now visit my local legal centre, whose services I have occasionally used: Redfern Legal Centre: “an independent, non-profit community centre dedicated to promoting social justice and human rights.” We can’t have commie bastards like that in our Brave New Howardite World, can we? God knows where it might lead!

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One response to “Australia is still a free country…

  1. Daniel

    August 2, 2006 at 1:31 pm

    1984 set the scene for the right-wing takeover of the world. The Handmaiden’s Tale adds a further dimension to it.

    Make the most of what freedom you have while you may!

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