Hezbollah’s aim is for power in Lebanon

07 Aug

I deplore both armed Hezbollah and the excessive reaction to it of the current Israeli regime. Paul McGeough makes some sense on the matter in today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

The UN’s New York bunker is a long way from the Lebanese front line, so the risk is there will be days, if not weeks, more death and destruction before the weekend’s emerging ceasefire consensus is hammered into reality.

A blessing, yes. But it’s far too late for the shattered families and factories, the brides and bridges, and the rogues and roads of Lebanon. And it’s far too late for George Bush, whose drive for democracy in the Middle East lies buried in the rubble of Beirut.

Instead of empowering the millions, his ham-fisted execution has allowed it to become the best new weapon in the hands of Islamists and traditional powerbrokers who have no regard for the will of the people…

Even the Washington-friendly Future Bloc, made up of the Sunni followers of the assassinated former prime minister Rafik Hariri, sees trouble in Washington’s insistence that Hezbollah be disarmed.

One of its founders, Walid Eido, cautions that Hezbollah is not just a militia but also an essential social organisation in Lebanon. “If we try to disarm it by force there will be an internal struggle and another civil war.”

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One response to “Hezbollah’s aim is for power in Lebanon

  1. Daniel

    August 7, 2006 at 5:25 pm

    The Americans must be the greatest fools that have ever been in the area of foreign policy. Their Coke and Bigmac mentality is continuing disaster as they blunder around the world destabilising, dividing and destroying country after country.

    They understand nothing! They learn nothing! They are caught in a Wild West time-warp.

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