Sam, this is so true!

08 Aug

Read Sam (Queer Penguin) on political (in)correctness.

There’s been much theorising (I couldn’t be arsed linking stuff today as I’m writing this in about 20 mins prior to my first Monday morning meeting – just trust me) that Howard won the 1996 election as a counter-offensive to the politically-correct Keating government; middle Australians (whoever the hell they are) felt left behind by the PC thugs who’d hijacked Labor for their own elitest and ultimately irrelevant causes, such as reconciliation, becoming a republic, multiculturalism and so on.

But am I the only one who reckons the PC pendulum has swung massively in the other direction? That these days the modern mainstream discourse is strongly grounded in the Right’s court? Between the ruling federal government (and, dare I say, several state ones too), highest profile media commentators and, increasingly, bloggers, there seem to be a whole new set of rules for dictating thought and opinion – what are the “right” things to think and feel and what are “wrong”.

No, you aren’t the only one. You are absolutely right, even correct! See also my earlier post PC but with a sense of humour .

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