Scenes from life under the Great Grey Garden Gnome of Kirribilli House

09 Aug

1. Too late John, my trust has been destroyed. “Liberal Party supporter and mother of four, Debbie Bridgman, said she felt ‘ripped off’ by the Howard Government’s pledge before the last election to keep rates low.”

2. Howard begs MPs: don’t stray on asylum. “JOHN HOWARD pleaded with government backbenchers in his party room yesterday not to vote with Labor on new legislation to process offshore all asylum seekers arriving by boat. It would be a disaster if government MPs voted with Labor, Mr Howard said, calling on those opposed to the controversial legislation to instead abstain. But in reply, the small ‘l’ Liberal MP, Petro Georgiou, said he would be voting against the legislation because it breached an agreement struck with Mr Howard last year, and Liberal values meant voting on principles.” I’m with Petro on this.

3. Teacher morale at rock bottom, survey finds. Oh the joys of the Howardite workplace “reforms” and also of their (and our) naive preference for private schools! “NEWINGTON College has threatened to sue a parent whose company conducted a survey that found 43 per cent of the school’s teachers were considering quitting, and just 13 per cent have faith in the headmaster and council. The study was commissioned by the teachers’ representative body, the Common Room, after a failed attempt by the headmaster, David Scott, to force the 40 most senior staff to reapply for their positions on lower wages with shorter holidays. The author is a management consultant.” See too Funds review to exclude public schools.

4. This one is close to home, as much the same has happened to Lord Malcolm. This really, really sucks. You can work, teen told.

MATTHEW PEARCE has leukaemia. With it comes aching limbs, blood tranfusions, lumbar punctures and being forced to stay at home or in hospital, leaving the 16-year-old cut off from his friends.

But, according to Centrelink, leukaemia is not a permanent disability, making him ineligible for the disability support pension.

Matthew’s mother, Vicki, had hoped to receive the payment to help cover the loss of her income after she quit her job as a Perth cleaner to care for her son.

Instead, she received a letter last month telling her that Matthew had failed the assessment test which disability pension applicants must pass to receive the payment.

And it gets worse; read the whole story.

Why on earth do we tolerate this government?

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