Oh, they’re so young…

12 Aug

Anyone at all (and pardon, but I am going to use the f-word) who thinks it is a good idea, for any reason at all, to kill thousands of passengers in airliners has to be totally fucked in the head, and even more so if they think God wants them to do it, or even that any kind of Supreme Being actually needs such bizarre and obscene assistance. I would find that insulting to God, as if the poor old deity is too weak and weary to look after his own interests. No matter how just such people might think their cause, and no matter how angry they might be with the hypocrisy of the world, nothing at all justifies the mentality of those who planned to smuggle horrific death onto the world’s airliners. Equally, to destroy the infrastructure of Lebanon, disrupt the lives of millions there, and kill hundreds of innocent men, women, and children is obscene. Equally, to launch random rockets into Israeli towns and cities is obscene. And so we might go on…

I’ve lately been watching Citizen Kane, and the admirable PBS documentary packaged with it on the DVD. Like those arrested in London, Orson Welles was between the ages of nineteen and twenty-five when he set the world on fire in a much more metaphorical sense. The young are capable of so much at times. It is typical of the profile of terrorists to be in those adventurous but often unbalanced years of late teens to mid twenties, but then that’s probably the typical profile of most bloggers/blog readers too! It is also typical of terrorists to have a thoroughly black-and-white goodies-and-baddies view of the world, no education in the humanities, and a tendency to be skilled in technology or engineering. See, for example, Malise Ruthven’s excellent A Fury for God. How youth and idealism are channelled has rarely been such a life-and-death issue for the planet.

I have written of this before. Since I personally know idealistic teenagers of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi background, I really do think a lot about this. For example, see 7.30 Report: The Mine and the Islamists on my Big Archive. See too Retreat from the global, saved from my old Diary-X journal. You may also search for Al Qaeda here on this blog, and over at the Archive. (That saves me repeating myself unnecessarily.)

Grist to the hardliners’ mill by Peter Hartcher and Conflicting aims boost Pakistan militants by Christopher Kremmer are both well worth reading in today’s Sydney Morning Herald.

In the past week the post Two Australian poems of World War II has been the top hit here. I wonder if Judith Wright’s poem “The Company of Lovers” quoted there has new resonance today.

We meet and part now over all the world;
we, the lost company,
take hands together in the night, forget
the night in our brief happiness, silently.
We, who sought many things, throw all away
for this one thing, one only,
remembering that in the narrow grave
we shall be lonely.

Death marshalls up his armies round us now.
Their footsteps crowd too near.
Lock your warm hand above the chilling heart
and for a time I live without my fear.
Grope in the night to find me and embrace,
for the dark preludes of the drums begin,
and round us round the company of lovers,
death draws his cordons in.

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2 responses to “Oh, they’re so young…

  1. Daniel

    August 12, 2006 at 3:53 pm

    I’ll be posting a new item on my site tomorrow, ninglun, which might change your mind about Lebanon and what is happening there. It seems that all is not what it seems and, perhaps the so-called terrorists may have a few legitimate fears about becoming marginalised by some powerful vested interests. Stay tuned and keep up your great work!


  2. Daniel

    August 12, 2006 at 5:26 pm

    P.S. It was too important to leave until tomorrow. America now heads the Evil Empire!

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