Muslim Musings on British Muslims by Ali Eteraz

13 Aug

Ali Eteraz is “an avowed Humanist. Sanctity for the life and dignity of all individuals trumps affiliation with ideologies, religions, or organizations. Nevertheless, I believe as a Muslim what I do not believe as a philosopher. In my private life I am a practicing Muslim and observe the best I can with a few notable hedonistic vices. I do not like being called a ‘moderate Muslim’ and I think you should reconsider your use of that term. Reformist, Liberal, Progressive, Humanist are OK.”

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I like England.

It produced Milton and Shakespeare. Dickens and TS Eliot. It is the place where I had my best fistfight. I have family there, friends who are Brits, and spent time living in London. I also received a fellowship to study the radicalization of Pakistani-Brits in the year 2000, but for various reasons I was unable to carry out the research (and ended up writing on Islamic Humanism instead). When previously staying in London, I was deeply alarmed by what was described to me as the “Muslim Fringe.” I mean, the henchmen of Muslim radicals like Omar Bakri Muhammad and Abu Hamza and the gullible goons of the Al-Muhajiroun (The Emigrants) movement. But that “fringe” has now become the spearhead of Western-based Muslim fanaticism.

Something is rotten among the state of British Muslims….

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