SBS last night — Citizen King

13 Aug

Go here for Citizen King

Click the image for more information. SBS showed this inspiring PBS American Experience documentary last night. The documentary The Battle Over Citizen Kane I referred to yesterday is also in this series.

What a malign creature was J Edgar Hoover, as seen in both these docos.

ROGER WILKINS: Johnson wanted to befriend the Movement but… King was difficult, for him. Martin was not an inside Washington guy. You know Johnson loved to deal with people, choong-choong-choong, he was a checkers player, you know, move these people around. He couldn’t move Martin around that way. And then there was Hoover. Always sittin’ on Johnson’s ear spillin’ poison in it about Martin.

TAYLOR BRANCH: J. Edgar Hoover was the original Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. J. Edgar Hoover was more popular than most presidents. Hoover had been around longer, he was seen as a great bulwark against whatever… people feared, whether it was crime, or bank robbers, or subversives, or the atom bomb.

RAMSEY CLARK: Dr. King was threatening to the America that Mr. Hoover believed in, and saw, and wanted.

ROGER WILKINS: Hoover… I think had a pathological hatred of black people. And he just couldn’t stand Martin.

WALTER FAUNTROY: And his biggest tool was the Communist bugaboo. As a matter of fact, he persuaded Bobby Kennedy that he just had to have the right to tap Dr. King. Tap his phones, and put him on, under excruciating surveillance.

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