“It should never have come this far…” Immigration bill dropped

14 Aug

I couldn’t agree more with Jan, who puts this beautifully:

It should never have come this far, never even seen the light of day in my opinion, but Prime Minister Howard has dropped his bill for offshore processing of refugees. The bill was to have been debated in the Senate this week. The Family First senator, Senator Fielding, decided at the weekend that he would oppose the bill, while Barnaby Joyce from Queensland was planning to move an amendment or to abstain. The Herald has a report here

Rather than having egg on his face than because this was one of the most vile things Howard’s government has so far devised. Whatever, this is good news, and good on Senator Fielding and those Liberal Party people of conscience.

See my Friday 11 August entry Punch and Judy outside Parliament yesterday.

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One response to ““It should never have come this far…” Immigration bill dropped

  1. Go to Senator Bartlett again

    August 14, 2006 at 3:40 pm

    The Refugee Bill – and everything else. “The Parliament is sitting again this week, and all of the political focus seems to be on the refugee legislation – mainly because it looks possible that the legislation may be voted down in the Senate. It is very good that there finally seems to be a realisation of just how draconian and unnecessary the government’s approach to asylum seekers is. However, the focus on the political drama does tend to mean that the underlying issues get less attention, and other important matters get ignored altogether…”

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