A year at South Sydney Uniting Church (and the TV has died)

15 Aug

As I noted at church on Sunday, I’ve been going to the old Waterloo church for a year now, which is pretty amazing. It’s a very open sort of place. See That feels a bit better…, written on 15 August 2005.

I see too that Stephanie Dowrick is conducting an interfaith service for peace at Pitt Street Uniting Church on Sunday 20th at 3pm. I may go.

And now the TV: it has been a good one. M and I bought it in 1991, and it was outmoded showroom stock then, so I guess it must be at least fifteen, maybe even twenty, years old. It has finally decided to die. So for a little while I will be without a TV, and that may do me some good, not that I watch it all that often. (There are people, Simon H being one, who quite deliberately do not have TVs.) So maybe I will hear more Radio National, and of course I now have DVD to play with, so viewing is not completely gone.

On the other hand, I have been window-shopping today, on my way back from a checkup at Dr Cassie’s. And a while ago M offered me a spare set, Sirdan’s old one in fact. I wonder if he still has it?

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