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25 Aug

Since I started watching DVDs on this computer, mostly I have been watching things of relevance to my tutoring, a couple of which I have already mentioned: The Truman Show, In Search of Shakespeare, King Lear, Citizen Kane which has excellent additional material, To Kill a Mockingbird, Hamlet with Nicol Williamson, and Marianne Faithfull as Ophelia, Shakespeare in Love, Cosi (a funny review, that), Empire of the Sun, one of my favourites, also with great additional material on the DVD. And the beautiful, inspiring and poignant Billy Elliot, of course, which I mentioned on the weekend.

Naturally I watched Casablanca for my own pleasure. I also saw A Beautiful Mind, which I love. Russell Crowe was very good in that. Elizabeth, directed by Shekhar Kapur, is stylish and very well performed. Sir John Gielgud’s final movie, I notice, but not Cate Blanchett’s. Speaking of Aussies, I had a look at David Williamson’s Brilliant Lies, perhaps getting a bit dated. Funny though.

Two real treasures have been Quidam from Cirque du Soleil — just amazing — and The Paris Concert for Amnesty International: The Struggle Continues… 1998:

A singularly unique and satisfying evening of live performances by a host of the world’s top musical artists. This is just a great concert – period. And you even get the Dalai Lama for good measure. How can you go wrong? Here’s a hint… you can’t.

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