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09 Sep

Queer Penguin has written passionately about an event last weekend that has sullied our reputation as a comparatively tolerant and civilised city and has rightly pointed to the deeper issues involved: The Proud Sport of Fag-Bashing.

…Admittedly, these sorts of attacks are few and far between so I don’t mean to sound alarmist – but when you are there, at that time, going into or coming out of Slide (pretty much the only good gay venue in that localised area) there is certainly always the sort of vibe where you feel a punch-up could break out at any moment. For every one vicious and cowardly attack like this, there would be maybe ten occasions of wankers yelling out “fag” or “poofta” as they drive past (reeeeal tough-like). There are maybe twenty dagger glares or comments under the breath. So while the attacks are incremental, the source of resentment always seems to be there, festering in one form or another…

There still seems to be this unspoken element of pride within traditional constructs of masculinity when it comes to fag-bashing. Something to do with putting us in our place, I guess, like I imagine wife-beaters (literally, not the singlets) feel when they’re giving their missus another good slapping.

Of course, alcohol and chronic lack of self-esteem are almost always involved, but the bashing themselves ultimately are manifestations of extremists picking up and running with what they perceive to be “legitimate” homophobia. You can understand why they might think, in their own deluded little brains, that what they’re doing is a form of community service. They hear mainstream politicians talk of us as a threat to the family. They read columnists write about how the pendulum has swung “too far” to the other side and needs to be re-balanced. Hell, when your country’s government and beloved Fearless Leader are financing gay-bashing thugs, what other message is there to be heeded?…

Fag-bashing, itself an act of terrorism, if on a comparatively minor scale (they hang poofters in Iran you know), is no more admirable than any other form of terrorism. Let the right-wing commentators chew on that. And if you are Christian, then fag-bashing is subChristian, no doubt about it.

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