The joy of Akismet and the sorrow of the Right

29 Sep

Back in July I mentioned that Akismet was about to bin my 1000th spam comment; well up to today it has binned 2294 of the suckers! There has been a pattern lately too, a whole swag — about 200 in the past 48 hours — emanating from RIPE Network Coordination Centre in Amsterdam (a prime source of spam), which could of course mean anything, offering a mind-boggling range of pornographic options, and all linked to one post: This is so arrogant and so annoying….

According to the Sunday Telegraph today [June 18 2006], NBC have called for the Beijing Olympics to be rescheduled — so that American TV viewers can see them in prime time! Well, put that where the sun doesn’t shine, that’s all I can say…

Leaving aside the effect it may or may not have on Australian swimmers, I am so angry about the complete arrogance of these d*cks. And Americans wonder why people might get pissed off with them…

Yes, I know: megabucks rule, and megamegabucks flow from NBC. But it just goes to show the real religion of the US and of the corporations, and it sure as can be isn’t Christianity. Mammon worship, maybe, but Christianity never. Reality makes a mockery of the US illusion of being a Christian country. At least Australia doesn’t usually pretend along those lines, although there is that trend among us, especially since 1996.

I found the story in the ubiquitous Murdoch press, you’ll notice. I wonder how they would have played it if Murdoch’s Fox Network, rather than NBC, had the Olympic rights?

Mind you, there have been much more sinister examples of the world being bent to US network, or in this case also US government, needs. You remember the ecstatic Iraqis tearing down the statue of Saddam Hussein, don’t you? I am sure by now you know it was a propaganda image staged to signal victory (prematurely, as it happens), part of the PSYOPS campaign, and timed carefully to hit the peak US news broadcasts…

Go to the original post for the links.

Now what I am wondering is if we have cause and effect here. Why is that post being targeted? By whom? I have heard that right-wing hackers do this sort of thing, and I can see that it might get up a few noses. But I stand by that post, because it is actually true. If it is more than coincidence that the offending post has attracted attention, far more is revealed about those who engage in such cyber-fascism than about me, don’t you think?

But of course it could be coincidence. Or because I used the word “d*cks”… 😉 (PS: I have now closed comments and pings on that post.)

And speaking of principled opposition to fascism, or Clayton’s fascism, congratulations to NSW Nationals MP Adrian Piccoli:

In an impassioned speech in Parliament yesterday, Mr Piccoli, the son of Italian migrants, said he was appalled by the country’s growing anti-Muslim sentiment and believed Australians could learn from the values of migrants.

“I am afraid for the divided country Australia is becoming because the politics of race has become such hot currency,” he said. “Australia is a country of migrants, which we share with the traditional owners. What we may want to do is sign up to some of their values and ditch some of our own.”

He said federal politicians had encouraged racism and disharmony by demeaning Muslims. “I have heard good, honest, decent, smart people tell me that all Muslims are bad,” he said.

“Our leaders must talk about acceptance of other cultures … If you talk about learning English then it is not just Muslim migrants who need to learn it. It’s the year 7 Aussie kids who need it as well. When you talk about stopping crime, then pressure the bikie gangs as much as you pressure the ethnic gangs.”

Mr Piccoli, who delivered his speech as a private member’s statement, said the Government’s plan to make speaking English a prerequisite for citizenship was an attempt to “ramp up Hanson-style xenophobia just to stay in power”.

“My father was an Italian migrant who has contributed hugely to this country, employing hundreds if not thousands of people over the years, but he could not have passed that test when he arrived as a 17-year-old – and could still probably not pass it today. But he goes to work every day, pays his taxes and obeys the law – more than I can say for some people who can speak English very well.”

Absolutely! Why didn’t Kim Beazley say that?

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One response to “The joy of Akismet and the sorrow of the Right

  1. Daniel

    September 29, 2006 at 4:50 pm

    I’m sure that Kim and John both belong to the WILL NEVER SAY ANYTHING MEMORABLE CLUB.

    John, however, has actually achieved something in politics (even if he lied through his teeth to do it).


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