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22 Oct

Thanks to all for the comments on the Alan Jones entry, especially to Jim Belshaw for his really thoughtful contributions. The past seven days now stands thus:

1. If Jones is gay, why is he so morose? 34
2. ABC to move closer to the Ministry of Truth 29
3. When obstinacy becomes reality deficit… (on Iraq) 28
4. Is Alan Jones gay? 22
5. Qiu Xiaolong Death of a Red Heroine (great book!) 19
Admiring ex-Big Brother star David Graham 19

One issue arises in Jim’s comments though, which I will address here, as Lord Malcolm has fallen ill again, I’m afraid, and you will have gathered that HIV/AIDS is the issue involved there, and he is nearing the end of his struggle though I would be far from putting a date on that given Malcolm’s talent for resurrection. People do not die of AIDS; they die of the fact that, their immune systems no longer working because of the virus, some opportunistic disease or condition overwhelms them.

I am having lunch today with Delenio, an ex-student who has become a real historian, having won the University Medal in Medieval History, an outcome even he (a student of Hong Kong Chinese background) would not have anticipated at the HSC where he did not study History. In the near future he is off to Oxford (or is it Cambridge?) to further his historical studies on Medieval French heretics, very much Dan Brown territory: what he thinks of that you may see on my Dan Brown Sludge? page.

Blogspot is being especially uncooperative this morning, no matter what browser I use. Perhaps they are having one of their planned outages, or maybe it is spontaneous. You never really know with Blogspot, which has been erratic for some time now. That’s why I am using WordPress.

Finally, Ahmad Shuja is worth quoting in full today. I hope he doesn’t mind, but visit his MyScribbles in compensation for my “theft”.

I am back home and back in form. I have fully recuperated and am slowly getting used to a normal life again. I want to thank all of you for the support you have provided through your comments and wishes.

The test went well and I expect a good result. The results are due in two to three weeks. Meanwhile, I plan on starting a new blog which will document my progress toward a college admission in the United States. I will be providing the latest about my admission progress and seeking advice from those of you with the experience of dealing with college admission red tape.

I have been trying to come up with a suitable, all-encompassing name for the new blog, but so far I have been unsuccessful. Do you have any ideas which may convey the sense of an Afghan with almost no financial means trying to pursue his dreams through a college degree in the U.S.? Your suggestions are welcome.

I can’t help thinking though that he may be a bit bemused by some of our preoccupations here lately, but then I am sure he finds the world an interesting place and sees our perspectives as part of that fascinating variety. Would that more felt that way!


Re Blogspot: often the only place you can get information on what is happening there is the Google Groups Blogger Help Group: see the current thread Blogger Down. “It would be nice if blogger would let us know. They have email addresses for everyone and could send out bulk mailings on the status.” May have something to do with migrating the “classic” blogs to Beta, some suggest. (“Beta”, as you know, sometimes means “If it doesn’t work, don’t complain!”) Let’s hope all those Blogspot sites — Jim Belshaw’s, Baghdad Burning, Daniel’s, The Poet, Deus Lo Vult (who has just said something nice about me!), all the other excellent Blogspot sites, and even my own two, survive the experience. If they could wipe the God knows how many spam Blogspot blogs while they are at it, mind, they would be doing the web a great service!

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  1. Jim Belshaw

    October 23, 2006 at 10:17 am

    Hi Neil, correction re aids noted, Jim

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