Two survey reports in today’s Herald

07 Nov


The first is local and confirms that the Timmerati are batting for the wrong side. Not that that will make any difference over there.

We’ll pay to beat climate crisis: voters

ALMOST two-thirds of Australians are prepared to pay more tax and more for essentials if it helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to a Herald/ACNielsen poll.

The finding comes as the Prime Minister, John Howard, prepares for a crisis summit with premiers today on the Murray-Darling river system. They will discuss restricting environmental flows to save towns and irrigators, as well as withdrawing water licences. The Murray-Darling Basin Commission will brief the summit on the severe impact of the drought on towns and irrigators…

It found 91 per cent of voters regarded global warming as serious, and 62 per cent were unhappy with the Federal Government’s response.

Almost half of those polled cited solar power as the best way to tackle global warming, 19 per cent backed a carbon tax on fossil fuels and 17 per cent supported nuclear power. Only 9 per cent advocated using their cars less…

The second is international: Transparency International Corruption Index 2006. The top ten least corrupt nations are Finland, Iceland, New Zealand, Denmark, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, Netherlands. The most corrupt are Bangladesh (156), Chad (156), Democratic Republic of Congo (156), Sudan (156), Guinea (160), Iraq (160), Myanmar (160) and Haiti (163). The USA ranks 20th.

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