Reasons to be Cheerful…

13 Nov

That title caught my attention on, a really useful site where you may also find some sensible discussion of issues like blogging and internet abuse and/or disinformation. Randall A Byrn writes:

I can think of at least four broad reasons to be happy and relieved about last Tuesday’s election results. None of these requires that you believe liberal Democrats are saints or saviors – just that it’s better to have a dialogue than a monologue in government…

Good to read wherever you come from politically or geographically. “Handyguy (aka Randall Byrn) is a marketing director at a business magazine’s conference division in New York. A transplanted Southerner, he has been a movie buff since birth. He’s always secretly wanted to be Pauline Kael, and blogcritics gives him an approximation of that, or so he likes to fantasize at least. Handy has a film degree from USC.”

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