Government in disarray, Opposition simply unspeakable

16 Nov

Look, I am going to stick my neck right out. If there is anything even remotely improper in the career of Attorney General Bob Debus, I will be very, very surprised. I would even bet on it.

So what to make of the latest travesty in the NSW Parliament? Peter Debnam (right), who is only marginally less memorable than the Premier, is trying to make us remember him. Well, I will remember him, and I will remember not to vote for someone who uses the tactics he used today. Nor am I going to vote for the current government which is falling apart in so many ways, quite apart from the recent sensations. Green or Independent for me, and in our electorate both options are available.

I guess all NSW voters saw today’s dubious achievement. I hope they were as unimpressed as I was.

Next day

The Daily Telegraph this morning has chosen to scream previously discredited scuttlebutt all over its front page. Anyone who followed the saga of that particularly unreliable witness will give little credit to it. If I were Peter Debnam I would be getting very nervous about what interested parties might dig up on Liberal Party members and associates, if they cared to dig. Sleaze unfortunately is no respecter of ideological boundaries.

See also NSW politics has become unspeakable on Jim Belshaw’s blog. And in contrast to NSW, see Victorian leaders avoid scandal as election looms.

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3 responses to “Government in disarray, Opposition simply unspeakable

  1. Jim Belshaw

    November 16, 2006 at 10:29 pm

    Neil, I have posted a comment on this on my personal blog. By all manner of means let us defend people who are attacked as we have both tried to do in a fair and impartial manner.But beyond this, if we are going to comment on NSW let’s put the blow torch on both sides from a policy viewpoint.

  2. Lake Macquarie

    November 18, 2006 at 4:03 pm

    It is disappointing that you have closed comments on the earlier Orkopoulos page, as I wanted to keep you updated on current media commentary as the story continues:

    Story 1

    Story 2

    – there will be more to come, and you can hardly refuse to publish them as they have already been published on newsprint, and the net.

    It is ironic that someone who proclaims a link to “STOP INTERNET CENSORSHIP” would seek to restrict comment on one the failings of one side of politics, and then go on to detail the failings of the other side.

  3. ninglun

    November 18, 2006 at 5:50 pm

    Your comment goes just as well here, so what is the problem? You saw the reason I gave for closing the other thread. (“I am about to close comments there as the information about the necessary legalities is complete, I think.” See Disloyal? Really!.) So long as you don’t try to write anything here that might have a bearing on any trial any alleged perpetrator could face, you can express your view here. I refer you to Jim’s comment above. And of course I feel for any victims of crimes such as those alleged, which is why I posted some appropriate links before closing that other thread.

    Actually, I hope those independents succeed. The title of this post will tell you exactly what I feel about it. And as for “taking sides”, do you really think there are no skeletons possibly hiding on the other side? “Sleaze unfortunately is no respecter of ideological boundaries.” Remember Robert Askin? No, not a paedophile as far as I know, but I have spoken to people who witnessed him in very interesting company indeed. I have also spoken to some people who had some inside knowledge of the Wood Royal Commission, and some knowledge of certain witnesses there, but I can’t (quite literally) contribute that knowledge here. It would be hearsay anyway, however interesting it might be.

    I also read the Herald this morning, and I don’t propose to post on this story again for quite some time. Why? Because I don’t have any inside knowledge one way or the other and therefore have nothing to add. I do know we have seen some very bad stuff in state parliament recently though, while at the same time if the allegations against Mr O prove to be true he will indeed deserve whatever penalty follows. In the meantime, I prefer to leave it to those involved without adding my uninformed comments. Yours, I concede, may be better informed, if indeed you have direct knowledge of the matters involved, in which case you know what you should be doing — and that’s not sounding off anonymously on someone else’s blog.

    I am not carrying a torch for the Labor Party. I have not voted for them in state politics for ten years or more, if that is any of your business, and I once worked for a (Federal) Liberal Party candidate for Sydney, but that was at a time when I could respect the Liberal Party of NSW — some time last century.

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