October in Iraq

24 Nov

On Wednesday, a UN report said Iraq’s sectarian conflict killed at least 3,709 people in October, the highest monthly death toll since the 2003 US-led invasion.

The figures, from data provided by the health ministry and morgues, compared with a previous high of 3,590 in July, which the United Nations at the time called “unprecedented.”

The report came as US President George W. Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki prepared to meet in Jordan next Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the US military said three more soldiers were killed in Iraq, bringing its losses since the invasion to 2,866, according to Pentagon figures.

So ends the latest story on the subject in The Sydney Morning Herald. “Shock, Awe and Rumsfeld” are distant memories.

A savage but very funny take on the determinedly upbeat spin of our right-wing commentariat and our government may be found on Nick Possum’s page. See All hat, no cattle. Prepare yourself for some black humour.

See also: Ali Eteraz on this story.

I have to say, I am severely hurt by what Islam has become in Iraq. In fact, to say that this blatant murdering of civilians by the militants contains any remnants of Islam, is difficult if not impossible. The Islam of the Sunni militants is a theology of anarchy which has no respect for the rules of war, or the values of Islam. The Shi’a themselves are no less. Islam does not stand for total war, but the Sunni and Shi’a militants violate that prescription almost regularly (to the tune of thousands of murders of average Iraqi civilians). We Western Muslims can oppose the American occupation, but we also have to oppose the way the insurgents are brutalizing and defiling life and human dignity.

And there is an earlier post which I think is very important: Open Letter To Western Muslims:

All those then, theists, secularists, atheists, deists, refuseniks, peaceniks, Jews, Gentiles, Unitarians, Episcopalians, Baptists, Methodists, Philosophers, who wish to walk for humanity: speak up and do not stop speaking. Walk with the believers. There are believers who will walk with you.

“Please Distribute Widely”, Ali says.

Gladly. 🙂

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