David Humphries work in progress

27 Nov

Some may remember that back in September I had dinner in the studio of artist David Humphries whom I had not seen for over thirty years. We had been teaching colleagues in Wollongong at one time. Soon after that dinner I had suggested to Dorothy McRae-McMahon at church that she should interview him for the church/local paper The South Sydney Herald. She has done so and the interview should come out next week.

I had an email from David today. He has been working on a commission in Tamworth.

Forwarding image of latest work in Tamworth for interest, and to thank you for connecting me with Dorothy. We caught up recently for an interview… Was lovely to see her again.

I am going up north in a couple of weeks and will be catching up with Olga Geddes. She was thrilled and delighted when I told her you read her book and therefore tracked me down.

Hope all’s going well. Catch up soon I hope.

Here is a sample of that work in progress.


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One response to “David Humphries work in progress

  1. David

    November 28, 2006 at 7:34 am

    Greetings Neil,
    thanks for the message
    hope you are well
    will send more stuff soon

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