He probably won’t make Christmas

03 Dec

That is the feeling we have about Lord Malcolm, I’m afraid. It’s the view of The Empress, now his executor, himself having lived with HIV for around twenty years. Sirdan saw Malcolm on Saturday and (such is Malcolm’s amazing will power) they did manage to get to the Shift for a beer, but he was even weaker, it seems, than he had been when I took him out to lunch on Wednesday. Sirdan and I will be possibly visiting the hospice later today.

NOTE: Perhaps you can see why I get impatient with uninformed dickheads who fill their secret blogs with homophobic drooling. A considerable part of Lord Malcolm’s life was given to defending the freedom of such bloggers as a member of the Australian Defence Forces, then to a career as a flying instructor and pilot, then, having become ill, to working in the hospital system and with certain NGOs in the area of advice to people living with HIV/AIDS whose mental capacities had been affected by their condition, and to mastering IT to the point of designing and maintaining relevant databases and websites. Not to mention being a valued wise friend to many, straight and gay.


He has resurrected a bit today, so Sirdan and I will be going to see him this afternoon and possibly we will visit The Shift.

South Sydney Uniting Church today remembered World AIDS Day 2006.

And later

We made it to The Shift. The above still stands as a prognosis, I’m afraid.

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One response to “He probably won’t make Christmas

  1. JahTeh

    December 3, 2006 at 6:56 pm

    So the sadness continues. I started researching the virus itself but realised that couldn’t be done without looking at the lives of the men it affected. It was an eyeopener for me to look at Americans and what they did to gay men but then to find they same attitudes were still with us today turned me into an activist. It wasn’t God’s justice, it was an opportunistic virus that found a niche.

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