Sydney tabloid press laments lack of a good riot

11 Dec

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph (aka Daily Terror) seems to be quite miffed this morning by the outbreak of peace at Cronulla on Sunday, so acting with its powerful sense of social responsibility and in the interests of community harmony (and sales) it does the next best thing.

You’re a terrorist, student told.

RACIAL tensions have erupted in the school system, with a teacher facing an anti-discrimination board complaint after branding a Muslim student a “terrorist”.

The classroom confrontation, revealed by The Daily Telegraph on the anniversary of the Cronulla riots, shows that race tensions in parts of southern Sydney are close to boiling point.(*)

The clash exploded at Blakehurst High School when legal studies teacher Michael Seymour told Lebanese student Wagih “Zac” Fares “I don’t want to negotiate with a terrorist” during a minor incident during lessons.

Outraged by the slur, Wagih, 16, punched the classroom wall and door before running from the school pursued by Mr Seymour in his car.

Wagih shouted: “I’m not a terrorist. How can you call me a terrorist? Do you know what is happening around the world?”

He said Mr Seymour replied: “I’m sorry, Zac. Please don’t run. I’m sorry, just calm down.” After returning to the school Wagih picked up tables in a hallway and threw them, again screaming: “I’m not a terrorist.”

Mr Seymour, a teacher for 20 years, was reprimanded and ordered to attend a multicultural sensitivity course…

(*) They wish! What it shows is two people losing their rag; all very unfortunate, and hardly worth reporting. Go and find another molehill to make into a mountain, people!

And on Cronulla itself, the Terror does concede in Healing the wounds that nothing happened. However, again what they really wish may easily be seen.

IT could have been a powder keg – white supremacists, young men of Middle Eastern appearance, bikini-clad girls and traditionalist Muslim woman (sic) all converging on the site of last year’s Cronulla riots.

A year ago yesterday the same ingredients sparked one of the ugliest incidents in Sydney’s history as public hatred turned a beachside suburb into a war zone.

But the anniversary of the Cronulla race riots passed without incident – thanks in part to a massive land, sea and air police presence in the area.

Despite the influx of radically different groups who swarmed to the suburb to mark the anniversary, people mixed largely without incident.

Instead of the feared return to violence, the influence of people and warm weather created a carnival-like atmosphere at the beach…

Bugger! What happened to the riot? But the anniversary of the Cronulla race riots passed without incident – thanks in part to a massive land, sea and air police presence in the area. Yes, but how about that the people of Cronulla, deeply wounded by last year, simply didn’t want a repeat performance? It would appear the police did not have to work too hard yesterday.

The bottom-trawling end of the media and the voices of talk-back radio played only too large a part in the events of last year; this year has been different, thank God.

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