Howard — zealous monoculturalist?

13 Dec

This became a very long post. Many years of thought and experience have gone into it. I commend it to my fellow Australians at this time, a dark time (in my opinion) in the ongoing evolution of tolerance in our society. Mateship appears to be turning in on itself.

This post has been relocated as a page: Multiculturalism: diversity versus uniformity. There is an interesting anecdote about John Howard at the end, as he was seen close-up by a Chinese friend of mine, added later. I have also made a few stylistic changes.

A small but important story appears in today’s Sydney Morning Herald: Unity, not diversity, is PM’s word.

AFTER 30 years, the word multiculturalism is fading from the Government’s vocabulary. The Prime Minister, John Howard, and his parliamentary secretary for immigration, Andrew Robb, say they have little use for the word. Mr Howard said yesterday he preferred the word integration and that if multiculturalism “means you emphasise diversity rather than unity, then I do have a problem with it”….

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