The Poet is with his son in Boston at the moment

14 Dec

My former colleague John Boase normally lives in Victoria these days, but he and his wife are currently in the USA. I had asked him if he had downloaded the Iraq Commission report.

No, but have been watching C-Span etc TV and have seen extensive interviews with Baker & Hamilton including a Senate Armed Services Committee session with them. We don’t get that kind of candid TV in Oz, sadly.

Have also seen a couple of panel sessions discussing their conclusions, all sides of politics putting their view. The Right was decidedly muted. Even Fox is muted. Also watched a great session on the so-called Lancet figures from Iraq featuring the two statisticians in question + Juan Cole as expert witness on Iraq. It doesn’t come much better than that.

In Boston until Sunday. Spending today (our Tuesday) wandering the South Side, Thursday doing another walk around the elegant Harvard U and Harvard Square area. Boston is like Melbourne: elegant and refined. The Charles River is simply majestic.

On the downside the NE Patriots (the Pats) played badly v Miami at the weekend, going down 0-21.

About to begin building at last. Intend a flag pole, to fly both the Southern Cross and the flag of Massachusetts. Each time we leave the liquor shop the first turn we make is into Paul Revere Road. Lexington Green is only a few km up the road.

Meanwhile, Alexander Downer and Brendan Nelson have also been stateside digging a deeper grave for Australian foreign policy.

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