He did make it through Christmas…

27 Dec

Some of you will recall how I doubted he would.

I saw Lord Malcolm today. Sirdan saw him yesterday, and The Empress, he tells me, saw him last Friday. Lord Malcolm did not remember that last one today, saying he hadn’t seen The Empress for two weeks: part of the condition as the virus is working in the brain. His recent revival was the effect of transfusions, among other things. He is too far gone for any but palliative measures, as the drug cocktails, all of them, stopped working some time ago.

So it really is a matter of time. The hospital are talking of sending him back to the hospice. Lord Malcolm is not too keen on that, as people die over there. He talked today for the first time of not going home. I told him that just a week or two ago I had thought he wouldn’t make Christmas. “Neither did I,” he said.


Sunset over Sydney: photo by Brian de Alwis (Canada). Click on the image to see it in all its glory on his site.

So we set our eyes on a short-term goal. Will we get to Keating the Musical (taxi and wheelchair) on 7th January? We’re working on it. I think I need to talk to Dorothy.

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